Cake Smash/Birthday


When should I get my baby in for their cake smash session?

That is completely up to you and based on your needs. Some parents want the photos back before the birthday so that they can use the images for party invitations, so I recommend getting them taken at least one month before the party. Some parents just want the images for their memories so those parents will have the photos taken as close to baby's birthday as possible.

Do you supply the cake and decorations?

For safety reason, I do not supply cake or any other food items used for photo shoots. I do however supply the balloons, backdrops and most props.

How many outfits are allowed?

Baby gets to use 2 outfits supplied by the parent/s. One for formal shots and one for the actual cake smash portion.

Do you offer Smash and Splash?

Indeed I do. I have the cutest white claw foot tub for babies.

Do I have to use cake for a cake smash session?

No, you can use any food that your baby can safely eat, such as; donuts, watermelon, fruits, spaghetti, you name it.